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Have you been told that you may need dentures? If so, you must have many questions and concerns running through your mind. One concern patients often have about wearing dentures is what it will do to your eating habits, looks and overall quality of life. You may be worried that your dentures won’t fit, that it will be obvious that you are wearing them or that you won’t be able to enjoy food. No matter what your worries are about dentures, Dr. Ryan Schmidgall of Oak Family, Cosmetic, and Implant Dentistry, the best dentist in Arlington, TX, can alleviate those fears.

Partial or Complete?

Partials are made for people missing only a few teeth, they attach to nearby teeth. Some partial dentures are removable and made of a metal framework and plastic for the gums and teeth areas. Fixed partial dentures are often made of porcelain. Bridges are an example of a fixed partial denture.

If you have no teeth, Dr. Schmidgall will likely recommend complete dentures. Complete dentures cover your entire upper or lower jaw, and they are known as “plates.” If you need complete dentures because you had to have your teeth removed, your mouth will need time to heal before you can get dentures. Dr. Schmidgall can give you temporary dentures while your mouth heals, which may take about a month. At Oak Family, Cosmetic, and Implant Dentistry, our goal is to make sure you are as comfortable as possible, and that the outcome is a bright new smile you can feel good about.

It may take a few visits to get your permanent dentures. Dr. Schmidgall will give your mouth a thorough exam, and the two of you will discuss what size you want your new teeth to be. This can depend on how your jaws fit together when you close your mouth and the size of your mouth and jaw. Then, Dr. Schmidgall will take impressions of your mouth and write up a prescription for your new teeth detailing their size and look. This prescription will be sent to a lab where a dental technician will make your new smile. A model is made of your mouth, which is used to make your new teeth fit properly. They are tried on at each step to make sure that they look good, fit well and allow a proper bite.

How much do dentures cost?

Like any other procedure at your dentist, the cost can vary depending on many factors. You should check with your insurance provider to see if it covers the cost of getting dentures. If you are considering dentures, we encourage you to make an appointment at Oak Family Dentistry. The staff at Oak will be happy to discuss denture cost, and they can give you financing options.

What are some possible denture problems?

Dr. Schmidgall will want to see you for several follow-up appointments after you get your new dentures to make sure they fit right and aren’t giving you any problems.

Watch for these signs as a reason to call Dr. Schmidgall for a sooner visit.

  • Gums are irritated
  • Dentures slip
  • Dentures emit a foul odor
  • Dentures make clicking sound

Is there a more stable option?

A great option for those that want more stable option is a denture that snaps on to implants. For many, this is the best option for an increased ability to chew and talk more effortlessly. If you are interested in this option, mention this to Dr. Schmidgall. The process to see if you are a candidate begins with a thorough examination, 3D X-ray of your jaw, and models of your mouth. If you are a candidate, Dr. Schmidgall will place the implants and allow integration of the implant to the bone to take place. During this time you can wear your denture. Once the implants have healed for several months, the dentures are then fitted with snap inserts to attach to the implants.

Will dentures give me a new smile?

The answer is yes! They look so realistic that people may not even be able to tell you are wearing them. Dentures can get you smiling again, so don’t hesitate any longer! Give our offices a call to make an appointment today!

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